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From Belonging to Becoming: What if we put belonging first like Jesus did?

By: Mike Clarensau

Item # 50TW0114

Price:  $19.99


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511. Panama City, FL - Refuge Assembly of God — Danny B Davis
512. Panama City, FL - Saint Andrew Assembly of God (website) — Charlie J Scalf
513. Panama City Beach, FL - Assembleia de Deus Logos Asamblea de Dios Logos — Obed F Oliveira
514. Panama City Beach, FL - Emerald Coast Assembly of God — Bobby Ward
515. Panama City Beach, FL - First Assembly of God (website) — Paul D Ensminger
516. Parrish, FL - Northside Chapel Assembly of God — Brian K Royer
517. Paxton, FL - Assembly of God — Ronald Sexton
518. Pembroke Park, FL - Iglesia Cristiana La Gran Comision — David Prieto
519. Pembroke Pines, FL - Iglesia Vida Life Church Assembly of God — Armando M Ruiz
520. Pembroke Pines, FL - New Harvest Spanish Christian Church — Daniel J Acosta
521. Pembroke Pines, FL - New Life Assembly of God (website) — Maria E Khaleel
522. Pensacola, FL - Assembleia de Deus Brasileira de Pensacola — Joacir A Braga
523. Pensacola, FL - Assembly of God — Larry H McKeehan
524. Pensacola, FL - Baywoods Assembly of God (website) — Allen W Haas
525. Pensacola, FL - Bellview Assembly of God (website) — JB Shoumaker, Jr.
526. Pensacola, FL - Brentwood Assembly of God (website) — Kenneth L Martin
527. Pensacola, FL - Brownsville Assembly of God (website) — Evon G Horton
528. Pensacola, FL - Courts of Praise Fellowship — Michael P Wetzel
529. Pensacola, FL - East Side Assembly of God — Kenneth H Johnson
530. Pensacola, FL - Family Worship Center Assembly of God — Julian C Walker
531. Pensacola, FL - First Assembly of God (website) — David L Scruggs, Sr.
532. Pensacola, FL - Gateway Fellowship (website)
533. Pensacola, FL - Grace Assembly of God — Benjamin P Peters
534. Pensacola, FL - Power House Assembly of God — Bruce Gulley
535. Pensacola, FL - United Gospel Church — Tan Nguyen
536. Perry, FL - First Assembly of God — David A Stephens
537. Pinellas Park, FL - First Assembly of God — Kenneth R Pippin
538. Pinellas Park, FL - Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer — Jose A Medina
539. Pinellas Park, FL - Las Pisadas Del Maestro — Victor M Ramos
540. Plant City, FL - Calvary Fellowship Assembly of God (website) — Iva E Bridges

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