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Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship & Compassion

Core Values

We are committed to the following core values [Español]. You can click on the link to view a video on each core value.

  1. Passionately proclaim, at home and abroad, by word and deed Jesus as Savior, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, Healer, and Soon Coming King.
  2. Strategically invest in the next generation
  3. Vigorously plant new churches
  4. Skillfully resource our Fellowship
  5. Fervently pray for God’s favor and help as we serve Him with pure hearts and noble purpose

George O. Wood
General Superintendent


360 - Degree Disciple

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Legal Considerations for Your Church

What you don't know about security and liability for your church members could make you a lawsuit statistic. The following resources can help you manage the legal side of church business.

Screening Volunteers

Articles on Liability and Legal Issues

  • Churches Act Pre-Emptively To Reduce Risk Of Abuse

    Assemblies of God churches and organizations are taking additional steps to examine their responsibility in acting preemptively and preventatively in order to protect children from harm.

  • Tips on Reducing Legal Risk

    Addresses the legality behind church issues, including pastoral counseling, negligent supervision and child abuse reporting.

  • Ten Deadly Lawsuits of the Church

    Christianity Today article.

  • Christians and Lawsuits

    George Wood, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, addresses the question "What position does the Assemblies of God take in regard to Christians and lawsuits?"

  • Are You An "Innocent" Thief?

    Abuses of the copyright law exist primarily in the area of music, but the principle also holds true for Christian drama, Bible studies, or any other printed material we use. Such things should not be duplicated without permission.

  • Children's and Youth Workers: Your Legal Liability

    In recent years hundreds of churches have been sued because of child abuse or molestation occurring in church youth or children’s programs. What can a church do to reduce the chances that such a tragedy will occur? While an answer to such a complex legal question is far beyond the scope of this article, let me make a few observations.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Defining sexual harassment and ways churches can reduce the risk of sexual harassment claims.

  • Legal Implications Of Child Abuse

    Incidents of molestation can occur in any church. This article will alert church leaders to the seriousness of this risk and help them implement a preventive-maintenance program.

  • Liability and Church Security

    Concerned about unsupervised children in your church? Uncertain on what insurance will and will not cover? Is a partner or sister church renting your church building for services? You need to know about your lawful liability.

Pastoral Selection Committees